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Community Revival Center
The Church in the Community for the Community!
(904) 353-5970

1964 McQuade Street
Jacksonville, FL, 32209
United States of America

Fax: (904) 353-5990

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The Members of Community Revival Center would like you to be a part of our church family. It is important that you recognize that we are living in the last days. We have geared our teaching to help you and your family to become spiritual over comers and to recognize that Jesus Christ came to give his life so that we might live. The Pastor, Dr. Arthur L. Adam Sr. and First Lady, Evangelist Cynthia A. Adams entreat you to come with us as we make our journey to Glory.
Churches Apostolic, Churches Christian
Year Established:
church, apostolic, religious, arthur adams, cynthia adams, acts 0238, repentance, baptism in jesus name, jesus name
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